The Sections of The Pressure Washers and Their Functions.

  • Nozzle Tips

The nozzle is the section of a Max Flow pressure washer that builds up pressure before the water hits the surface. They usually come in different colors with different functions, as explained below:

The 0-degree nozzle is red, and it creates a powerful water jet. Use this type of nozzle when removing tough stains like oil, dry gum, tar, tree sap, among others trapped on hard surfaces like hard metals and concrete.

Note: Never use the red nozzle on soft surfaces like siding, wood, or other smooth surfaces.

The 25-degree nozzle– It is green in color, and it serves best when doing general cleaning at home. It is perfect for clearing mud, debris, leaves, and such type of dirt lying on surfaces like patio furniture, driveways, cars, siding, among others.

The 15-degree nozzle – It is yellow in color and has a narrow but powerful fan that helps in removing paint, rust, and dirt on surfaces before doing repairs like painting.

The 40-degree nozzle – It is white in color and produces a wide and gentle pressure to clean fragile surfaces like cars, blinds, windows, and flower pots. You can as well use this nozzle when rinsing off detergents.

The soap nozzle– It is black in color and produces the lowest pressure, mainly for pulling detergents from a tank when you want to apply soap easily.

Note: Sometimes, you can purchase your pressure washer with these nozzles. However, you can as well purchase them separately.

  • Spray Guns

The spray guns control the pressure, and they are the section of a pressure washer you hold by hand. The valve unlocks when you pull the trigger, releasing water through the front. They come in different designs, but the functionality is the same. However, when replacing a spray gun, ensure it matches the pressure washer’s PSI and other connections.

  • Power Washer Pumps

The pump helps to generate pressure through the help of the engine by turning the garden hose water into a strong cleaning spray.

Pressure washer pumps usually have the same parts, but the design and placement differ depending on the brand/model. Just like spray guns, ensure you pick washer pumps that match your pressure washer.

Note: Always turn off the pump when not using to avoid pump failures.

  • Hoses

This section of the pressure washer is the most used and prone to wear and tear more often. When using the pressure washer, you will realize you drag the hose and keep bending them while filled with extreme pressure liquid.

When selecting a hose, get one that can withstand the pressure of your machine. For instance, a pressure washer with a higher PSI requires a thick hose to withstand the pressure.

  • Power Washer Engines

There is a gas-powered and electric-powered pressure washer. However, the engine generates the pressure to ensure the machine functions effectively. When your engine isn’t working appropriately, it can be hard to replace it, and that is when you will need to buy a pressure washer engine.


As much as a pressure washer simplifies the cleaning tasks at home, it is essential to learn all the sections to know how to handle every section in case of machine breakdown.

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