The Band 6 from Honor, the company’s most recent fitness tracker, will have a new feature. According to the Honor Band 6’s specifications, it’s basically the same watch as a smaller version of Huawei’s watch. Based on the comparative study done, the Honor Band 6 resembles the Huawei Band 6.

Honor Band 6 Automatic Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Despite Huawei’s continued support for automatic blood oxygen monitoring, Honor has decided to allow it on the Band 6. In the past, the Honor Band 6 could only measure blood oxygen levels when you asked it to, for reference.

The Honor Band 6 appears to be the first to acquire this new feature in China, with a wider release likely in the future. Additional 85 workout modes have been added to the company’s fitness tracker.

By today’s standards, that’s a small number of exercise options for an activity tracker like the Honor Band 6. The Honor Band 6 is expected to receive a software update that adds 95 exercise modes and automatic blood oxygen monitoring.

Other Additional Features On Honor Band 6

Aside from automatic blood oxygen monitoring, new features and upgrades are set to enhance the tracking ability of Honor Band 6. The latest upgrade will be included on the smartwatch honor band 6 1.47 malla meteorite black.

In assessing one’s overall health, the amount of oxygen in one’s blood is a critical factor. You’ll be able to monitor your health and fitness from the comfort of your wrist, whether you’re going about your everyday business or putting in serious training hours.

The Sleep Monitoring Function

You can discover more about your sleeping habits and the quality of your sleep thanks to the sleep monitoring feature.

The superb sleep tracking is back with prior Huawei and Honor handsets. Your sleep is automatically tracked by the Honor Band 6 without the need for any input from you. Some people are a bit of a wiggler when it comes to sleep, and the Honor Band 6 does a great job of keeping track of your movements throughout the night. All of the data is correct, according to many users. You can see how well you slept, as well as how much time you spent in various stages of sleep, such as rapid eye movement (REM), light sleep, and deep sleep.

Honor Band 6 Software

You can pair the Huawei Health app with the band in order for it to function properly. Users can pair it on most types of devices, so you don’t have to worry when it comes to this, as it worked perfectly.

The Huawei Health app performs admirably. It’s simple to use, displays all of the relevant data in an understandable format, and syncs with your band far more seamlessly than Fitbit’s services do. If you choose a new watch face in the Huawei Health app, the change is immediately visible on the band itself. This could take anywhere from 3-5 minutes to complete on other brands.

Female Menstrual Cycle Tracker

Women can use menstrual tracker cycles and ovulation phases using this tool. In addition to archiving your data, it sends you notifications based on your records and gives you easy access to your health data.

Final Thoughts

Compared to some of the top smartwatches on the market, the Honor Band 6 is a fantastic, low-cost fitness band with its latest update. However, it’s not perfect for serious fitness trackers and has some quirks with its associated GPS, but then you can’t really expect more given its price. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use fitness tracker with a nice display, this one has it.

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